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Who is Shire Marketing? 

Our Beginnings

Starting in Accrington, Lancashire, Shire Marketing began their journey from the kitchen table, working to build the business and strategies to create the best results for their clients. Our founders, Lydia and Michael, decided they wanted to use their young and fresh outlook to create a business built on innovative perspectives. With their combined experience, they decided to create the company to help businesses grow their brand and clientele through tried and tested strategies.

From small to large businesses, they’ve worked with it all!

We are a leading Sales and Marketing service provider who pride ourselves on listening to our customers, ensuring our solutions are tailored to meet your business needs which can include 24/7 cover to ensure we are available every time you need us.

Take a look at our testimonials to see how we’ve helped clients grow and expand their brand through our tested strategies.


Who are we? 

Shire Marketing Ltd is dedicated to providing your company with uniquely crafted quality Marketing and Sales strategies that generate profitable new leads and relationships to aid your brands growth. 

We are young team who LOVE the work we do, placing our passion in to each project. Our team have worked with SMEs to leading corporations across a variety of industries, with the consistent No.1 aim to provide high end creative solutions that lead to successful sales and solutions that stand out from the crowd!

We pride ourselves on being a small team that produces BIG results.

Our highly skilled Marketing and Sales specialists don’t believe in ‘reining it in’, we can catapult your brand into success with a range of personalised Marketing and Sales strategies that work for your business.



What is our goal? 

Our unwavering dedication to your organisation’s growth is shown by our enthusiastic experts who are determined to provide the best customer service and support. Armed with the latest advances in technology and innovation, we can guarantee you are in capable hands.

I’m sure you’re sick of hearing ‘we’ll get you to number one’ or ‘we’ll increase this and that…’

Although we want you to be number one, that is not our top aim. Our goal is to create a strategy for your business that creates an impact and leads to long lasting, loyal clients. Previously, you may have depended on word of mouth for loyal clientele but the world is changing. Propelled by the current situations, life has begun to move online along with your competitors who are already taking advantage of Social Media, Email and Search engine Marketing.

Our goal is to successfully Market your brand in a way that sets you apart from the rest!


How can we set you apart? 

Setting yourself apart from the competitors is every companies goal but how can this effectively be executed?

To put it simply, Digital Marketing.

Marketing online can open up a number of doors leading to a range of different demographics, businesses and more. Through Digital Marketing we can create campaigns that steer you towards your ideal target audience through the use of engaging content, attractive images, hashtags, PPC and SEO.

Start your journey today, get in contact with our team. 


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Our Vision

Our vision is to create creative and high-end Sales and Marketing solutions that produce BIG results for your business! 


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