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Marketing jokes to improve your week!

We can’t deny, it’s been pretty rough lately which is why our team has scoured their brains to produce these Marketing jokes that are so terrible they’re funny!

We’d say we’re sorry in advance but we think they’re pretty funny…

Marketing Jokes

Why did the taxi driver make for such a good content marketer?
They can really drive in traffic.

Why was the marketer banned from the theatre?
He kept trying to capture the leads.

How did the bad marketer get a job making butter?
She had a high churn rate!

How do SEO experts celebrate improved rankings?
They throw a SERP-rise party.

Why did the junior marketing get into display advertising?
He wanted to make a lasting impression.

Why did the marketer break up with her boyfriend?
The lack of engagement!

Why was the marketer so bad at social media?
They were too anti-social

Why can’t a lead date a religious marketer?
She’ll always be trying to convert him!

Why did the web developers get married?
They were on the same landing-page.

Why did the agency hire a centipede, a millipede, and an earthworm to do their marketing?
They were really good at segmentation.

I nicknamed my cat the ‘vast majority of Social Media’ because she doesn’t like me, follow me, or share anything.

Jokes about amplification are only funny if everyone gets them…

Why did the marketer get fired as a tap dancer?
He wanted to get paid per click.

What do a browser and an oven have in common?
They both accept cookies!

Why do marketers practice in front of the mirror?
They want to have a lookalike audience.

What did the email marketer bring to the potluck?

Why does the marketer not want to pay for her groceries?
She prefers organic.

Why was the movie director fascinated by download buttons?
He loves calls to action!

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