Grow your business with Instagram!

If your business hasn’t joined Instagram already, you’re missing out on a fantastic opportunity!

Over and over again, Instagram has proven how powerful of a marketing tool it can be for companies looking to extend their brand awareness and increase the visibility of their products and/or services. However, why is it such a beneficial asset to your business?

More people are using Instagram

To start simple, there’s more people using Instagram than ever before- the platform has over 800 million active users with 500 million being active on a daily basis! 38% of the active users check the platform multiple times in a day, meaning you have a higher chance of being noticed the more regularly you post.

Any business can succeed 

No matter your company’s size, small or big, your business has the chance to thrive with a dedicated Instagram strategy that appeals to your target audience. Many smaller companies, such as one man bands or fashion starters, find their initial success through the platform, especially when posting aesthetically pleasing images.

Of course, it’s unlikely you’ll become an immediate success overnight, but with constant market research, posting, and engagement you could see your page explode with activity!

You can make money directly from Instagram

It sounds crazy, right?
However, it’s the truth!
A lot of companies on the social media make money through product placement and shoppable posts which allow consumers to buy your products directly from your page or posts. Instagram have found that 72% of users buy direct from companies pages, I mean, the results are pretty hard to ignore…

If you put effort into your page and posts and ensure it’s regularly updated (at least once a day), you’ll find users buzzing over to your page and purchasing products- especially if your images are well produced and pleasing to the eye.

Your business can become relatable

In a world that seems quite messy at the moment, relatable content is what the people are gagging for. The old ways of stern and ‘grey’ businesses is past, consumers want a company they can relate to and laugh with, showing their more personable side.
This can be done with Instagram stories!

Instagram stories allow you to post images or short videos that last 24 hours and can be seen on a reel by your followers or just passing users.
We recommend showing behind the scenes insights and those funny office moments that just make the week go by that little bit easier.

You could also make use of Instagram lives, allowing you to directly engage with your followers in real time. It’s a fantastic way to build a good rapport with potential customers and can grow your follower loyalty.

Hashtags can be a lifesaver

Hashtags are BIG on Instagram, with most Instagrammers using them to find memes, images, and much more. By hashtagging your posts you’re not only expanding your reach to a further audience but directly matching yourself with people who share an interest in your brand.
Using effective and well researched hashtags, you could be set apart from the competition.

You can get creative!

Everybody has a creative side, especially marketers!
Instagram allows you to express your creative side through graphics, photography, artwork, and more by being a primarily image-based platform. Your marketing team or marketing agency can GO WILD creating new and exciting ways to market your brand.
Have fun expressing your brand’s personality through bright colours, exciting photos, or funny memes.

Don’t do your brand a disservice and ignore the wonders Instagram can hold, take the leap and start marketing your business in fabulous ways across the social media handle- we’re sure you won’t regret it!

You can find inspiration from our Instagram here.
If you need any more advice or help building your page and creating a strategy, don’t hesitate to contact us on either 07592 124699 or

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