Social Media Analytics

The BEST Social Media analytics!

Social Media Analytics

Across industries, businesses are utilising and investing in the fantastic tool which is Social Media Marketing. However, you can’t just stop at having a great Social Media account…

To successfully increase reach, audience and your brands presence, you must be able to understand the facts and figures behind the content you’re producing. An in-depth knowledge of how your pages are performing can offer actionable insights into strategies- allowing you to experiment and change anything that doesn’t appear to be working.

Social media analytics allow you to:

Understand the metrics such as engagement, reach, impressions, and so on.

-Effective ways to boost awareness/engagement.

Identify your audience.

Increase conversions

Improve client/customer loyalty

You can track your Social media analytics by starting by identifying the socials, determining which metrics you’re following, which time period, and which tools you’ll measure success with.

At Shire Marketing we can do all of this for you but sometimes you want to go and do it yourself. Therefore, we’ve come up with a list of useful sources for you.


Our favourite is databox, an expansive social media analytics platform which allows you to track campaigns. We highly recommend this platform for business who have numerous contacts, accounts, goals and audiences!
The platform allows you to customise metrics and/or social channels on your main dashboard, also allowing for any integrations you may have.
Databox does have a FREE signup for users.


Next is Mailchimp, a platform commonly used for email marketing that can also track social media ads. The platform has a audience dashboard which allows you to understand users behaviour and offers tools to look into smart targeting and mobile integrations. These tools can diversify social strategy and deliver higher engagement numbers by aiding you to create content certain audiences will respond to.
Mailchimp is free unless you choose to upgrade.

Sprout Social

Social Sprout is a social media planning platform with extensive analytics and reports to help you understand performance.
You can customise and configure reports and metrics to help you scale your business’s awareness.
The HubSpot CRM can be intergrated, however, this is not a free service.


Grow lets users gain full visibility on engagement across all platforms. The tool intergrates with HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Ads, Facebook, Marketo, and Microsoft Office- allowing you to view all your data in one place.
Confusing data is broken up into bite sized pieces in the form of graphs and visuals, being easily shareable.
Grow is not free but free trials and demos are available.

Active Campaign

Active campaign is an email marketing software, much like Mailchimp, offering social media features. You can integrate Facebook, Twitter, Digg, and other platforms to gather insights.
Having both social and email metrics in one place, it simplifies the work load and gives a good option to companies with a large email marketing focus.
It also tracks what contacts do after they click through to your website, meaning you can view audience behaviour and learn how to adapt your strategy.
Active campaign is not free but a free trial is available.

Tracking Social media can be daunting but these social media analytics platforms can help simplify the process, allowing reports to be made and campaigns to be customised.
However, the Shire Marketing team can help by providing Social Media Management that takes the entire process off your hands!

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