Marketing Funnel

What is a Marketing funnel?

A Marketing Funnel is a great way to boost your revenue!

Marketing is a great way to increase interest in your company and its products and/or services!
Through techniques such as social media, email marketing, and SEM , marketing can boost your revenue, however, marketing isn’t all there is to selling your products or services…

So, what do you need to successfully sell?
Well, it’s quite simple actually, you need sales techniques to close the deal.
That’s where the marketing funnel comes in…

The marketing funnel is a step by step process that links both sales and marketing to eventually gain you customers. The funnel itself is a theoretical customer journey towards the final act of purchase, mapping out the journey from discovering a product or service to finally deciding to purchase it.

The funnel begins at the initial stage where an individual will be learning about your business and what it does. This is where marketing is really key!
Marketing is, in some way, the first impression a potential customer may have with your brand, so, a poor impression will push a user away from continuing down the marketing funnel.
Think of it like Alice falling down the Rabbit hole in a way, the consumer must first be curious to fall down the hole.

The next step after creating awareness and interest is desire. The user must first desire the product to want to seriously consider purchasing or using it, again, marketing is the way to do this!
Creating this desire can be done through effective marketing that makes the consumer realise they NEED this product or service because it will do X and Y for them.
This can be done through Social Media campaigns, Product Videos, Targeted Ads, or if you’d prefer to make it more personal, Free Trials, or Email Marketing.

Next, you move on to the sale aspect of the funnel!
This is where it’s ideal to either have an in-house marketing and sales team that works together or outsource to a marketing and sales company because the sales team must know what the first initial processes were for an effective sale.
This step is called the action step because it’s when the sales team finally take action once the client has expressed desire and become a qualified lead.
The sales team could move the individual closer towards purchase through building relationships via phone consultations and emails, a physical meeting could also be set up depending on the situation.

Once action has been taken by the sales team, the consumer will ideally move towards the purchase section of the funnel and then the sale will take place!
However, not everybody buys your products or services which is when you need to go back to marketing and place the user back into the top end of the funnel.
This aspect of the marketing funnel is really the beauty of the whole cycle, customers will ideally keep going round until a purchase is eventually made. Although you might assume this to be annoying to the person involved, if done correctly, a good relationship should be formed.

This is done through targeted marketing, from Social Media to Email Marketing.

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