Has Covid-19 changed the game of Social Media Marketing?

With the effects of Corona Virus leading to many people spending more time at home, the world of Social Media has never been busier!

Meetings and events are being held through platforms such as Zoom, networking is done through the laptop and Marketing online has changed. The balance of the marketplace has shifted, more companies are seeing the benefits Social Media can have on their brand and are taking advantage of this cheaper form of advertising. Businesses are utilizing the tool that is Social Media to boost customer loyalty and reach further audiences to increase sales and grow their company.

The BBC reported that John Lewis is among many of the large corporate brands that have closed high street stores and moved their commerce online, utilizing the ‘digital boom.’ The company, 99Firms, stated that by 2040 they expect around 95% of all businesses to be based online due to current trends seen across the web. There is also strong reason to believe that the majority of sales will occur through a mobile device. Therefore, business’s seriously need to ramp up their online presence and mobile sale efforts to be apart of the ‘economy of tomorrow.’

Are you using this ‘boom’ to boost your business in an effective manner that will increase sales, customer loyalty, and brand exposure as well as prepare you for the coming further expected digital rise?

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